What Are the Most Popular Sports in Ohio?

Ohio State, or as some people say the Birthplace of Aviation, is also popular for its professional and also college sports teams. If you are a sports fan, you are probably well aware of the existence of the major professional sports teams in metropolitan parts of the state. Sports enthusiasts from Ohio love to support their local professional and college teams, and some of the most popular sports in the state are baseball, basketball, soccer, football, and hockey. In addition, sports like bowling, golf, and tennis are also high on the list of most popular sports in OH.

Ohio’s Sporting Teams

When talking about the major professional sporting teams from Ohio, we need to mention the Major League Baseball and their famous teams Cincinnati Reds, and Cleveland Indians.

Apart from the major baseball league, OH has six minor league baseball teams that are quite popular among sportsbook fans. 

Besides, Ohio takes pride in its local basketball teams. Cleveland Cavaliers playing in the National Basketball Association are the only professional basketball team in the area. Moreover, amateur basketball leagues are also doing good in OH. This includes Ohio State and Cincinnati colleges, but also high school, youth, and club basketball teams. 

Let’s not forget to mention their National Football League, and the Cleveland team, Cleveland Browns. Moreover, this state is also responsible for giving birth to Cincinnati Bengals, also a part of the NFL. As a matter of fact, Ohio played an important role in the emergence of the NFL and MLB leagues. The predecessor of the NFL was actually a 20th-century American football association called the Ohio League. However, none of the present Ohio clubs are associated with this league. 

As far as the amateur football teams are concerned, Ohio State and Cincinnati colleges have their own teams, And there are the high school football and pee wee football leagues. 

Another really popular sport in OH is definitely hockey. Columbus Blue Jackets playing in the National Hockey League are worth mentioning, but the state also has some college teams that gained local popularity.

Moving onto soccer, Ohio has a team playing in the Major League Soccer, Columbus Crew SC and there’s also FC Cincinnati as another team in the Major League Soccer. The residents of Ohio enjoy watching soccer and following their favorite team’s performance. They also favor soccer youth participation.

More Popular Sports in the Buckeye State

Apart from mainstream sports such as basketball, football, and hockey, Ohio seems to love sports like bowling, golf, and tennis. Those who love bowling have a chance to watch and follow the progress of adult and youth participation. The same goes for tennis fans who can opt for adult, youth as well as college participation. Last but not least, golf is also among the top popular sports in Ohio. This US state has professional, adult, and college golf teams worth checking out. 

Most Successful Sports Teams in Ohio

Some of the major pro teams have managed to achieve some great success in the world of sports. The Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Indians managed to win seven World Series. The Reds lead with five victories and the Indians follow with two. Additionally, Cleveland Browns, Canton Bulldogs, Akron Pros, Cleveland Rams, and Cleveland Bulldogs brought home nine NFL Championship trophies. Lastly, Cleveland Cavaliers managed to win the NBA Finals once, Columbus Crew SC won two MLS Cups, and Cleveland Browns won the AAFC Championships four times.