The Secret Behind WWE Popularity

WWE’s origin can be traced back to the ‘50s when it was known as CWC or the Capitol Wrestling Corporation. It was founded by Vincent J. McMahon and Jess McMahon as a boxing and wrestling promotion. 

The WWE was officially created in 1982 when it was taken over by Vincent K. McMahon, the son of the original founder. However, there were some events that preceded the ‘80s and that had a direct consequence on the popularity of WWE across the globe.

André the Giant

André René Roussimoff dominated the WWE scene in the 1970s. He was over seven feet tall, and for this reason, many considered him the eighth wonder of the world. With his overwhelming appearance, this French professional wrestler gained a lot of attention and admiration from the audience. Additionally, he was the one who had played a major role in the future of WWE. Firstly, those who were born back in the day, know that “Princess Bride” was a major hit in the movies. Even today, many critics see it as a must-watch movie. And Andre the Giant played a major role in it.

Secondly, he was the one who paved the way for Hulk Hogan’s future fame and glory. Since Andre was considered invincible at the time, the man who managed to body slam him had to be something special. Luckily for his future fans, that man was Hulk Hogan. 

Hulk Hogan and the ‘80s Madness

By the ‘80s, WWE had already been purchased by the son of the original owner, and thus began its Golden Age. There were several events that marked this period.

Firstly, cable TV made it possible for people everywhere to follow WWE like never before. This resulted in an even greater fan base. Secondly, WWE started bringing superstars to events that attracted even more attention. One of the greatest events of the time was the first-ever Wrestle Mania. Also, this was an era mostly dominated by Hulk Hogan. No one can deny the quality of his fighting techniques, however, he managed to draw more attention than any other fighter before. 

What made Hogan special was his extremely unique personality that resonated through the masses. Every kid at the time looked up to Hogan or wanted to become as big and strong as him. He even got his own action figure (as most of the professional fighters at the time) that resulted to be the most popular one among kids. 

Many WWE fighters began acting in Hollywood movies, and people from around the world who hadn’t even heard about WWE were fascinated by these strong people that they say on the screen. 

What Followed

Well, ultimately, the Internet happened. It became easier to promote WWE through social media and online streaming services. Now, the WWE fighters are mega-stars who male millions of dollars, and who have millions of fans worldwide. But it’s only thanks to those who started this entire story that they are able to enjoy the fame that they have today.