Meditation Apps That Will Make Meditation Easier

Meditation is one of the best ways to work on yourself, especially if done in the right manner and if practiced regularly. Even though meditation is supposed to make you feel relaxed, connected with your inner being, and enter the zen state of mind, it can do completely the opposite at times. So, if you are having trouble meditating without guidance, here are the top 6 apps that will help you relax and start meditating more often. 


If you are looking for guided sessions that will keep you meditating from 2 to 25 minutes, you can opt for one of the most popular meditation apps – Calm. As a matter of fact, you can choose different variants of meditation such as the one that will lessen your anxiety levels, help practice gratitude or even work on your mindfulness. Apart from the different genres, you will also be able to choose various types of white noise, nature sounds, and breathing exercises that will help you relax even more. Calm even offers different programs for beginners and progress tracking.

Simple Habit

If you are ready to implement some simple and healthy habits into your everyday routine, this meditation app got you covered. This wellness and sleep app has tons of guided meditation and motivation content. Moreover, you will be able to find guided sessions and coaching by some world-renowned experts. Besides, the duration of sessions depends on your own personal preference. So, those who want to learn how to add meditation to their lifestyle could try the Simple Habit. 

Insight Timer

Yet another great meditation app you can download and enjoy listening to some amazing experienced mindfulness teachers. Insight Timer allows meditators to choose their genre, session duration, meditation styles, and more. Also, you can set the times and choose to do your next meditation without any guidance. In case you want to track your meditation progress, you can rely on the app’s tracker and even make the whole process more interesting and quest-like by earning badges.


Buddhify is another option for people who are looking to relieve themselves from the everyday stress, anxiety, and all the emotions that can make them feel unwell. You will be able to find more than 200 meditations by different teachers. In addition, this app offers mindfulness exercises for different types of environments and situations. So, you could be eating, commuting to work, traveling, waking up or doing something else, and doing these mindfulness exercises along the way.


Meditation via apps has become so popular nowadays, that probably half the people you know, use at least one. One of the most popular meditation apps is Aura, and it makes daily meditating simple and relaxing. You can also tune in to some life coaching sessions, listen to stories, nature sounds, and calming music. Moreover, you can personalize all the parameters to meet your current mood. Apart from that, you can track your moods and get notifications reminding you to breathe.


Last but not least, Headspace is also a meditation app and possibly one of the most popular ones among the meditators around the world. What you’ll get when you download this app are guided meditations, sleeping sounds, emergency meditations, and also meditations for children. Let’s not forget to mention that you will be able to see animations that will guide you on how to do these meditations effectively.