How to Use Technology to Learn More About Psychology

Psychology can be incredibly useful and versatile. You don’t have to learn it just because you want to be a therapist or a professor. It comes in handy if you wish to be HR in a company if you wish to write novels, even if you wish to paint or draw. Knowing psychology is understanding human behavior and emotions, and that’s why it can be incredibly difficult to comprehend. Luckily technology can be used to help you with just about anything. So, let’s see how to utilize tech in order to learn more about psychology. 


There are apps for learning or educational apps, for almost any subject taught in school, high school, or at the university.

Truth be told, you can’t get substantial or in-depth knowledge just by relying on apps, but that doesn’t mean they are a waste of time. You will have the opportunity to get a better understanding of the fundamentals and create a basis for future knowledge.

So, if you haven’t studied psychology up until now, you might as well start with these apps. 

Educational Videos and Courses

Online courses have become incredibly popular and reliable. Sites like Udemy, and SkillShare, have thousands of users, and courses to help them get relevant skills. The same goes for psychology. Moreover, this is not a course or two for the basics, you can actually get specialized training online. This means you can learn how to work with children, the elderly, criminals, veterans, etc.  You can find countless free videos on Youtube that can provide you with increments of knowledge that will come in handy. But, if you wish to have a more in-depth approach then it would be good to sign up for a reputable course. 

Reading Published Papers

Videos are meant to serve as lessons, which means they are broken down into digestible chunks. In other words, it’s also limiting what you can do with lessons, in order to get extensive and detailed knowledge on a particular subject you will have to read.

There are hundreds of research papers published on daily basis, and it’s unnecessary to read every one of them, but those that offer knowledge that has practical implications are always useful. You can download these papers on Kindle or E-reader and always go over them while you are traveling or before bed. 


Finally, you can get better visual aids for lessons using different infographics or videos. We all learn in different ways, and some things are simply processed better with visual aids. The previously mentioned online courses might also offer such content, but in case they don’t you might want to do a separate search for those visual materials. 

Do Research 

Psychology is also about conducting experiments and testing or disproving theories. Technology is very useful here, as you can easily generate surveys, and distribute them online.

Once you have gathered enough populated surveys you can use apps that allow you to analyze the data. Data analysis is significantly easier today, compared to the time when computers were unavailable. Meaning, you can perform more research and get results faster if you rely on these tools. 

These were some of the most common ways you can use tech to learn and do psychological research.