How to Use Technology to Be a Better Coach

Love it or not, technological advancements are slowly getting implemented into our everyday lives. We live in a digital age where many things are made easy for us, so why not use this technology to improve your career as well? Coaching is a demanding job, especially because as a coach you will be working with people. This is why coaches across the world are gaining interest in new technologies that could help them in their work with athletes. So coaches, take a look at some of the examples you might want to try.

Better Communication with Athletes

The most important thing in any career, business, or relationship that is based on working with people is communication. Apart from it being one of our primary psychological needs, and proper communication in coaching can also help achieve tremendous results. Using technology to communicate with the students makes so many things easier, including scheduling and rescheduling training. Using social media as well as chat groups, text messages, video calls, and audio calls makes the coach-athlete communication more natural and easy. 

Use Social Media for Branding

Using social media for branding from the start of your career is one of the best things you can do for yourself. When entering the workforce, young athletes are expected to gain exposure, and the easiest way to do so is by making themselves a brand through the use of social media. This can be quite helpful for athletes who want to get scouted. Apart from helping athletes gain exposure, coaches can do the same for themselves. Moreover, coaches building themselves as a brand is also a great strategy to work on your career.

Using Youtube

Using streaming platforms such as Youtube is known to be a very useful learning tool in many niches. The same goes for coaching.

The possibilities with Youtube are practically endless – you can search for new ideas for exercising, diets, but also prepare for games by watching competition videos.

There is plenty of useful footage you can use to make your coaching better and even motivate your athletes to give their best.

Using Apps

Everybody uses phones nowadays. The app market has revolutionized the way we use our mobile devices and also how we live our lives and do our businesses. When doing coaching you can implement tons of different fitness, sports, scheduling, and progress tracking apps into your program. There is an app for practically anything in this world, starting from a stopwatch, tracking heart rate, strain, body mass index, steps, and more. There are even AI-based apps that can track athlete’s workouts by counting the reps and sets. 

Moreover, due to the great potential of technology-infused coaching, different companies emerged, providing athletic performance improvement services to coaches. These companies provide tools for analyzing, improving, and creating perfect training sessions for your students. But the most important thing remains dedication and desire to improve your practice – as without it, using technology isn’t going to cut it.