How To Start A Career in Pro-Wrestling

If you like WWE and you see yourself as one of the WWE superstars and think you have what it takes to make it in this industry, you might want to consider starting a pro-wrestling career. No one says that it is going to be an easy task, but it is definitely not something beyond the realm of possibilities. As a matter of fact, if you have the looks, charisma, athletic skill, acting talent, and lots of determination, you can become a Pro-wrestling superstar.

What Is Pro Wrestling?

Most people think of fake sports when pro wrestling is mentioned. However, while pro wrestling can be a genre of entertainment, it is still considered a sport. This type of sport infused with acting elements is followed by millions of fans around the globe. The outcome of the match is planned in advance, and the “fighters” in the ring usually have their own character typical to the whole genre. While you can see some classic wrestling maneuvers in pro wrestling, you will also see catch wrestling with acrobatics, attacks, fast movements, showing off, and more. What characterizes the scripted fighting personas are fighting-like attitudes with large egos.

How to Get Started?

To become a WWE superstar you will have a long way to go unless you already practice some of the necessary things. Regardless of the athletic background, you come from, you will have to work towards building a pro-wrestling type of body and developing certain athletic skills. Keep in mind that WWE talent scouts recruit people with a certain level of athleticism. You can prepare by playing sports such as football or simply joining a wrestling team. 

Another thing that could make you one step closer to your dream is to start strength training and get ripped. In order to be a pro wrestler, you will need to be strong as you will be occasionally lifting your opponents that usually weigh 200+ pounds. Full-body workouts could help gain muscle and equal strength in all parts of your body. In addition, you should also try to do as much high-intensity cardio as you can. In order to get in shape and be able to spend all that time in the ring, you will need to work on your endurance, cardio condition, and fitness. 

But that’s not it. You will also have to figure out the best possible diet for this type of athlete. Being disciplined is a way that will get you to your goal in the shortest possible time. Eating a clean diet rich in protein, complex carbohydrates and fat are of paramount importance when pursuing a career in wrestling.

Additional Tips on How to Become a Pro-wrestler

The Rock didn’t achieve all the success in his wrestling career by being mediocre, and he also didn’t switch to acting for anything. Wrestlers need to be great actors, and if this is the skill that you lack you better take up some acting classes. Wrestling characters are in need to create a whole new persona in order to sell their talent. After all, you need to know how to make those hits look like they really hurt. 

Talking on the microphone and making a scripted fuss is something that will make you famous – so make it unique and amusing if you want to be on TV. Making your matches dramatic is what the pro wrestling audience ultimately wants. 

If you are lucky enough to be recruited you might go to NXT – the training facility and promotion organization. This can lead you to the main WWE roster where only a couple of trainees out of 70 make it. So, stay strong, follow-through, and good luck.