How Does Wrestling Compare to Other Sports in Terms of Popularity

Wrestling can be a broad term when we are talking about popular sports. If we are talking about regular, or real wrestling, then the truth is harsh. Wrestling doesn’t even register on a popularity scale when compared to soccer or NBA. Although it is one of the most popular disciplines among UFC fighters, wrestling on its own does not generate nearly as much hype as other competitions. Yet if we take WWE or World Wrestling Entertainment, then we are talking entirely different games. It almost appears that the only thing holding wrestling down is in fact wrestling, considering how WWE despite its name couldn’t be further away from the discipline. 

Why is WWE Popular

The number one reason why WWE is so popular is entertainment. These are not just athletes fighting, these are all actors, who despite the fact that the winner is predetermined put their heart and soul into the fight. They might not fight for real, but the effort to make it entertaining and to look legitimate is very real. Meaning the focus is to provide a good show for the audience or let’s say good drama, rather than a wrestling match. 

WWE vs Other Sports

When we compare the popularity of WWE it actually rivals that of NBA and NFL. Even though this is a show that is watched globally it’s most popular in the US. This is also reflected in the production budget of WWE events. These all look spectacular and a lot of fighters actually went into other branches of the entertainment industry. Rock and John Cena are practically actors nowadays, but they both started as WWE fighters. That being said the business was exposed and called out for its treatment of employees or fighters. So, these developments did impact its popularity.  

Other Factors That Make WWE Relevant 

If you take into consideration that these are both athletes and entertainers it comes as no surprise that fighters play an important role in keeping sport popular. They have a massive following on social media and appear on different TV shows. Moreover, we have toys and video game sales, which makes this a show for all ages. Finally, you can actually bet on these matches despite the fact that they are predetermined. The outcome is a well-guarded secret so it’s okay to wager. 

All of these aspects only draw further parallels with popular sports like baseball, basketball, and football. This means that WWE is very much present on TV, online, in stores, and in newspapers. In a way, it became too big to fail.   

As you can see wrestling, if viewed as WWE, is very much popular.

Of course, it’s not the same case in Europe or Asia, as there are no local fighters or leagues that organize the same fights. It’s hard to tell how professional wrestlers feel about it, as it’s a complete misrepresentation of the sport. However, if it results in more people wanting to give wrestling a try, then it’s definitely a good thing.