Gambling is a really controversial topic, much like alcohol and cigarettes.  On one end it’s what people want, it can be fun, and it benefits the economy, and yet on the other hand it has its fair share of problems. In reality, the gambling industry is really massive, and itContinue Reading

Regardless of whether you decide to study psychology on your own, enroll in a therapy course or get a psychology major, you will benefit from learning more about it. As you probably know, psychology is a science that deals with the human mind and behavior, and learning more about itContinue Reading

Meditation is one of the best ways to work on yourself, especially if done in the right manner and if practiced regularly. Even though meditation is supposed to make you feel relaxed, connected with your inner being, and enter the zen state of mind, it can do completely the oppositeContinue Reading

There aren’t that many people who are interested in psychology that come outside of that field. And for that reason, there are various misconceptions and myths that surround psychology in general.  Many people have a close encounter with psychology when they opt for a psychology course in high school orContinue Reading