Betting on Wrestling 101

For many, it can be puzzling why betting on wrestling is allowed. To clarify, the wrestling in question is WWE, and everyone is aware that the matches are “fixed” or better word for it is scripted. Yet, if you take into consideration that betting operators allowed viewers to bet on who will die in GOT, then WWE betting shouldn’t come as a surprise. However, since this is not exactly a real sport, and odds are not too relevant, we will provide some tips on how to bet on WWE.

It’s a Popularity Contest  

The first thing you need to know is that the winner is basically determined by the writers, who want to create the best show possible. So, if someone is a fan favorite, which means they have a lot of Instagram followers and appear in other forms of entertainment as well. Meaning, the fighter that everyone is hyped to see can ensure that the show gets the views, so long as they continue to appear.

Now, if this is all it took it would be easy, but that’s not the case. You see it’s not about making the fighter more popular, it’s about making the show more popular. One of the tropes that people like when it comes to competitions, is when the underdog turns the tables on the opponent.

They also like redemption arcs, so if a fighter had a few bad seasons or the odds are massively stacked against him, then there is a chance for that fighter to win. This simply makes for more entertaining television, so take that into consideration as well. 

Details of Private Life Might Give You Useful Hints

Here’s another thing to consider, the fighter’s schedule. As stated these are actors, who appear on different TV shows and movies. It’s not certain how helpful this can be but, if you know that some of the fighters are also filming a TV show or a movie, then that means they might have other responsibilities outside of WWE. Meaning, they are more likely to lose if they cannot appear throughout the whole season.

Finding Betting Operators 

In order for your entire strategy to make sense, you need to find a place where you can actually place those bets.

Ideally, you are looking for a licensed and regulated operator that does offer WWE bets. This can be a sportsbook or it can also be a casino site that has sports betting options. To make the best out of this offer you should see if there are any user benefits like welcome bonuses or reload bonuses for returning players. This ensures you get more credits for betting, which can help you increase your winnings.  

This was a brief overview of the things you should consider prior to placing wagers on WWE. Hopefully, all of these tips will help you increase the likelihood of generating a winning ticket. But don’t overthink too much, the idea is to have fun, so if all of the calculations become too overwhelming just go with your gut feeling.