Best Recreational Activities for People Out of Shape

Putting more focus on body diversity and showing the world that body-shaming is absolute nonsense doesn’t necessarily “cancel” practicing healthy habits. While tons of people nowadays are trying to eat healthy, and exercise, there are still the ones who don’t feel that way. And whichever their reason is, they are 100% right. 

Regardless of whether you simply don’t like exercising, or you are too lazy, your body will always be your choice. Still, no one is trying to diminish the importance of staying active. This is why we decided to offer a list of top recreational activities perfect for all people who are usually not that active. Take a look.

Use Apps & Games That Promote Activity

No, we do not mean fitness apps where you can find tons of workouts. We mean fun games and apps that focus on entertainment while promoting physical activity. For example, some of the options are Pokémon GO, Zombies, Run! exergame, or Ingress. Geocaching treasure hunting games can turn a regular walk in the nearby park into a fun adventure, and you will still break a sweat. Some of these apps will even allow you to “interact” with some of the objects in your surroundings. 

Walk Your Way Home & Take the Stairs

If you live near your work or school, avoid taking a bus, taxi, or driving for that matter. People who feel like changing their daily routine and adding some physical activity can start by simply walking. Also, those who live in a building can always opt for the stairs rather than for the elevator. These little changes can make such a great difference, and they won’t feel like doing a workout at all. 

Do Some Orienteering

Orienteering is a sport-like activity where you will need to use a map in order to get to a certain point.

Apart from improving your navigational and map-reading skills, you will stay active throughout the whole quest and completely forget about the fatigue and boredom. Orienteering can be done on foot or even by bike, and the participants will need to get to a certain place on the map as fast as possible.

Regardless if you are the one who is in it for the win or simply to socialize, it will still count as physical activity.

Go (Smart) Shopping

Shopaholics who love a generous discount, and hunting for good deals will be glad to hear that it can help you stay fit. Some describe shopping as stress-relieving while others describe it as a tiring process. Well, if you are enjoying filling up that shopping cart in retail, make sure to speed up your pace and make those muscles working.