Love it or not, technological advancements are slowly getting implemented into our everyday lives. We live in a digital age where many things are made easy for us, so why not use this technology to improve your career as well? Coaching is a demanding job, especially because as a coachContinue Reading

WWE’s origin can be traced back to the ‘50s when it was known as CWC or the Capitol Wrestling Corporation. It was founded by Vincent J. McMahon and Jess McMahon as a boxing and wrestling promotion.  The WWE was officially created in 1982 when it was taken over by VincentContinue Reading

For many, it can be puzzling why betting on wrestling is allowed. To clarify, the wrestling in question is WWE, and everyone is aware that the matches are “fixed” or better word for it is scripted. Yet, if you take into consideration that betting operators allowed viewers to bet onContinue Reading

No matter if we’re talking about parenting or coaching, tough love is something that many people use. Tough love is all about enforcing constraints and making someone realize that they are responsible for their actions.  However, there are many different opinions when it comes to using this method in coaching.Continue Reading

WWE is all about popularity and being a fan favorite. In fact, these are things that actually impact the win rate of the fighters. Even though most of them are acting, these wrestlers are still good fighters and athletes. Meaning they are worth your attention if you are into fitnessContinue Reading

Regardless of whether you decide to study psychology on your own, enroll in a therapy course or get a psychology major, you will benefit from learning more about it. As you probably know, psychology is a science that deals with the human mind and behavior, and learning more about itContinue Reading

Ohio State, or as some people say the Birthplace of Aviation, is also popular for its professional and also college sports teams. If you are a sports fan, you are probably well aware of the existence of the major professional sports teams in metropolitan parts of the state. Sports enthusiastsContinue Reading

Meditation is one of the best ways to work on yourself, especially if done in the right manner and if practiced regularly. Even though meditation is supposed to make you feel relaxed, connected with your inner being, and enter the zen state of mind, it can do completely the oppositeContinue Reading