6 Movies About Wrestling That You Need To Watch

Nowadays, every sports fan can find a movie that would be interesting enough for them to watch. So, it comes as no surprise that there are some great movies about wrestling that every wrestling enthusiast will enjoy. Below, you will find the best movies that revolve around wrestling that you need to watch at least once. 

Paradise Alley

In 1978 Sylvester Stallone wanted to give directing a shot, and that was how “Paradise Alley” came to the big screens. In this movie, Stallone wanted to portray a darker and unknown side of underground wrestling. The story of the movie follows three brothers and their road to success in the world of wrestling. However, the brothers are noticed by a local gangster who has other plans for them.

The Wrestler

If you are interested in discovering all the wrestling stars from the 70s, then “The Wrestler” is the movie to watch. Since there are two movies under the same name, you should know that you need to look for the one from 1974. There are a number of cameos that you will love to see, and some of them include Pedro Morales, Ric Flair, Don Muraco, and others. This is an incredible movie for anyone interested in the amazing history of wrestling. 

Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling

There is something fun and incredibly artistic about short movies. And especially if they are about wrestling. Director Max Landis wanted to point out the importance of wrestling in sports but also in the entertainment world. This short movie was created as a response to many claims that professional wrestling is mostly fake. So, if you want to watch something educational, thought-provoking, and interesting “Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling” should be on your watch list. 

Body Slam

What happens when a music producer wants to reinvent himself in a never-before-seen way? Well, he brings together rock shows and professional wrestling. This epic comedy is the ideal go-to title for wrestling fans that want to have a fun and careless movie night. Also, “Body Slam” features stars like Captain Lou Albano and Roddy Piper, as well as other cameos during the final part of the movie. 

Below The Belt

In case you are willing to see some high-quality drama that includes wrestling, then “Below the Belt” could be the ideal choice. The movie portrays a lot of personal sacrifices that any woman in the 80s who wanted to enter the wrestling world had to endure. The main character leaves her career as a waitress in order to become a professional wrestler with the help of her coach. 

Nacho Libre

Whether you like wrestling or not, you will like Nacho Libre, simply because the main star of the movie is Jack Black. In this fantastic comedy, Jack Black plays the role of a masked fighter who joins many matches to raise money for the monastery where he used to live. Next to the Black’s amazing performance, you’ll get to enjoy cameos of Human Tornado and Silver King.